Posted by: florencepubliclibrary | March 22, 2011

New Books

We are fortunate to receive a great selection of books from Dr. Wernecke and the Gault School of Archaeological Research. All the books are to help with this years Summer Reading theme, “Digging up a Good Book”.  Title’s include “Archaeology for Kids” by Richard Panchyk, “Practical Archaeology” by Christopher Catling, “Clovis Technology” by Bruce A. Bradley, Michael B. Collins, & Andrew Hemmings, “The World Encyclopedia of Archaeology”, Eyewitness Book “Archeology”, “What Makes a Van Gogh A Van Gogh?” , “Gone Extinct”, “Mammoth Bones and Broken Stones” by David L. Harrison, “Lone Star Stalag” by Michael R. Waters, and “Digging up Texas” by Robert Marcom, plus others. Also donated were more copies of the DVD from the Gault School and the area. Come on by check out the great selection of books!


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