Posted by: florencepubliclibrary | January 16, 2008

Florence Public Library Annual Poetry Contest

Florence Public Library ANNUAL POETRY  CONTEST Guidelines 

Contest #1
Favorite Presidential Candidate or Party Preference Poem
It’s an election year and everyone is discussing the pros and cons of their favorite candidate for President of the United States.  Join in the debate by submitting your poem heralding your choice for President or, write a poem promoting your party preference.   (Keep the mudslinging to a minimum, please.)
Poems can be in any form, not to exceed one page.
Poems entered will be displayed in the Library. 

Contest #2
Humorous, Rhyming Poem
Tickle your funny bone, capture the feeling on paper and submit a poem showing your humorous side.
Rhyming poems only, not to exceed one page.
Poems entered will be displayed in the Library. 

1st Place              $15.00
2nd Place             $10.00
3rd Place              $  5.00
Honorable mention wins a book of poetry 

Entries are due no later than January 30th.    Drop your poem in the entry box  at the Florence Pubic Library on Main Street in Florence, or mail your entry to Florence Public Library, P O Box 430, Florence, 76527. 

Do not write your name on the poem itself; submit a cover sheet telling us your name, address and a phone number where we can contact you.  Also, please indicate if you’d be willing to read your poem aloud. 

Awards will be announced February  12, 2008 at 6:30 p.m. Please join us February 12th for a night of fun and refreshments!


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