Posted by: Librarian FPL | November 15, 2007

Local Young Writer Wins Contest

Abigail Patricia Williams, 5 years old, of the Florence/Killeen area was recently awarded third place in the Killeen Daily Herald Fall Writing Contest for K through 1st grade for her story “My Daddy’s in Iraq”.

Abigail, third place winner, but first place to FPL!

Abigail received a recognition certificate and a $10 gift card from Hastings.  While her story was not published in the Herald, they gave her an honorable mention. 

We at the Florence Public Library and those who know Abby want to say: “We are so proud of you, Abby!  Here is your story for everyone to enjoy.  Keep writing!”

My Daddy’s in Iwaq

Take a “feet”.  Take a “feet”.  I want to tell a story. 

My daddy’s in “Iwaq”.  Daddy’s a soldier.  My daddy is brave. He is very strong.  Daddy bangs the monster.  He’s helping the childrens.  

Daddy wrote me a letter.  He says I’m pretty like a princess.   

My daddy’s coming home soon. Not today.  Maybe tomorrow.   

I miss my Daddy. No, Abby’s not sad.  My eyes just scratched me.  

I love my daddy.



  1. I’m so proud of my little squirt! She’s taking after her Granny Pat’s writing skills & proving that even distance & time during a deployment can’t stop her from loving & missing her Daddy. She’s a true Daddy’s girl.

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